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THE most in-depth and comprehensive Social PR Master Course available today, created BY a Social PR Virtuoso FOR Social PR Virtuosos-in-Waiting

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're constantly stressed over penny-pinching clients who want you to do more for less and don't really appreciate the value you bring to the table
  • You're anxious about being seen as obsolete because you're not a P.Y.T. who's constantly checking her smartwatch and speaks in acronyms LOL WTF IDKR???
  • You dread hearing, "What's the ROI?" because you know you'll fumble through the answer
  • You're fed up with being passed over for the better gig, the promotion, the cool project, because you're not seen as the Social PR expert
  • You're so overwhelmed with just getting through the day that you can't focus on what you really need to get done, and are constantly playing "catch up"

No matter where you are in your career,

I know you have a burning desire

to be a Social PR Mover and Shaker.

And I get that!

Because when you do, you'll have more freedom to work with the kinds of clients, and organizations, with whom you really vibe, and feel like you make a difference (because you DO care).

You'll stop feeling guilty about expecting to be paid for your services (hello!!), and start to earn what you're truly worth.

"Wine o'clock" won't be about blowing off steam, but about quality time with family and friends.

And the future won't be a scary monster hiding under your bed, but a beautiful sunrise to embrace.

Every single day.

So why hasn't any of this happened yet?

Well, my friend, I have a news flash for you.

It's because you've bought into ...




Myth #1: Only "millennials" can handle Social PR.

Fact: Smart Social PR can propel anyone's career higher than Mt. Rushmore. Look at these movers and shakers I've worked with.

  • Laura Parsons, Communications Director, Idaho Association of REALTORS®

  • Gary Klasen, Vice President External Communications, Eaton

  • Dawn Buzynski, Executive Director of Public Relations, Strategic America

Myth #2: Meh, what's the big deal, any Joe Schmoe can do Social PR in their sleep.

Fact: Not really. It takes commitment, discipline, and a crap-ton of resourcefulness. That's how I got results like these:

  • a 300% jump year-over-year in advocacy conversions for a globally-recognized nonprofit
  • exceeded a reputed educational institution's goal of securing 1,000 registrants for a never-offered-before online program
  • parlayed a well-known tech company's woman entrepreneur-focused blog into a destination community that saw it ranked #1 on a coveted industry list

Myth #3: You can't get a quality Social PR education if you don't go to a big name university.

 Fact: Big name universities make even BIGGER bucks using my content, my delivery, and my name... often with a waiting list for my classes!

Myth #4: Online courses are taught by hucksters hiding in their mothers' basements while pinning fake Rolexes into their beige trench-coats.

Fact: there's nothing fake about these media outlets that have featured me and my work (to name just a few).

Media logos


If You're Sitting There With Your Chin In Your Hand, Thinking of All the Times You Almost Took the Ride of Your Life But Never Made It Past the Ticket Counter, Let Me Tell You Something ...

You Can Get On That Bus Right Now.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Shonali.

Shonali with the #bluekeyI'm an accredited, award-winning Social PR strategist, teacher and trainer. I've spent more than two decades helping businesses small and large, nationally and internationally, build their bottom lines through creative and measurable Social PR.

Career highlights thus far include leading the ASPCA through the 2007 pet food recall and Michael Vick cruelty case; launching the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery's first-ever national portrait competition; and creating and implementing the digital strategy for USA for UNHCR's Blue Key Campaign, now a national and international case study. >> see pic >>

Now, it's my life's mission to teach Social PR pros just like you how to create and implement killer Social PR campaigns and strategies, that see you and your organization dancing all the way to and from the bank - just like I did. With national and international organizations like these.

Now, just to be clear ... this is me today. But not that long ago, my story wasn't all that different from yours. I remember ...

... How petrified I was that I'd screw up my first big account once I started working in the U.S., because I didn't have the established media contacts my colleagues did.

... How I froze when an agency CEO dumped a half-baked idea onto my desk with the edict to come up with a new business proposal ... and no one had ever taught me how to write one. Oh, the terror!

... How unbearably ghastly it was when the only people who showed up to a client press event were four of us from the agency ... that too, when the event was at the National Press Club. I mean, the media were SITTING RIGHT THERE!!!

... How "out of it" I felt when all the cool kids were going gaga over Twitter and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was unique, or why on earth anyone would want to know what I'd eaten for dinner.

I've lost count of how many times I felt intimidated by all there was to learn - and that list never seemed to get any smaller. And to make matters worse, trying to learn one new tool or technique invariably led to 10 more that I had to figure out ... ack!! But I hung in there, determined not to give up.

If I didn't find the answer in one place, I'd look in another ... and another ... and another. I'd try, and test, and retest, and retry, and ... without my even realizing it, my Social PR skill-set had evolved to the point where other pros were looking at me for guidance.

If I could work my way from Social PR Zero to Superhero, you can too. And that's why I'm here: to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did, so that your career can take off without a fraction of the pain I went through.

Here's a Glimpse of What Starts to Happen Once You Make Social PR your BFF:

Future You: stops taking on work just to "pay the bills," and instead approaches each work day with as much excitement as when you were a dewy-eyed PR newbie 

Future You: has so much Social PR goodness flowing through your veins, you start to get inundated with teaching and mentoring requests

Future You: is more than capable of holding your own among the techies, geeks, and faux-hipsters

Future You: has more speaking opps and new biz inquiries than you know what to do with

Future You: starts transcending day-to-day tactics to rise to higher and higher in leadership positions within your organization and the industry

Are You Ready To Become

a Social PR Virtuoso®

and Bring Future You

Into The Here and Now?




  • 1

    Module 1: Social PR Foundation Setting

  • My proprietary 7C Social PR Framework™ that will keep your strategy on the straight and narrow
  • The 9 categories of Social PR audiences, 7 of whom we rarely think about
  • A worksheet to identify low-high priorities on listening and engagement for each audience
  • A step-by-step framework for using digital tools for data discovery using keyword techniques
  • My proprietary methodology for media list building that covers all the bases no one ever thinks of
  • 2

    Module 2: Deconstructing Social PR Content

  • An at-a-glance matrix and workflow to develop and deliver the Batman and Robin of content: messaging and proof points
  • 9 techniques for crafting pitch perfect sound bites
  • SEO principles for Social PR that will make Google do the two-step
  • An over-the-shoulder look into the content that gave Oxfam America a whopping 300% jump in conversions
  • My personal hack for creating pithy and punchy Social PR content
  • My proprietary, completely killer, Social PR editorial calendar template
  • 3

    Module 3: Optimizing Social PR Outreach

  • The 6 words without which your Social PR efforts are doomed
  • The ONE question you have to be able to answer before pitching anyone, except maybe your mother
  • 6 BIG no good VERY BAD must NEVER do elements of a pitch
  • 3 often-overlooked Social PR hacks that are your secret weapons
  • A low-effort, high-impact daily listening workflow for all Social PR Virtuosos
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the now-classic Blue Key campaign
  • Getting a word IN rather than just getting the word OUT, bring your audience to your content
  • 4

    Module 4: Measuring Social PR Success

  • The 3 buckets of PR metrics that will outlast us all, and how to fill them
  • My proprietary template for a one-page, at-a-glance, measurement framework
  • The three MOST effective tools for smart Social PR measurement, especially if you're on a budget
  • Tracking for non-techies, Trekkies, and journalism majors
  • What puppies and kittens taught me, and will teach you, about measurement
  • My custom-created automagical Google Analytics URL-building spreadsheet

And: in addition to the video trainings, you'll also get downloadable PDFs of the slides, plus 25+ handouts, cheat sheets, mind maps and worksheets, that will prepare you to literally tackle anything and everything related to smart, strategic Social PR.

That's 4 modules, 10.5 hours of in-depth training, 25+ worksheets, and 35 lessons on what is literally the "A to Z" of Social PR.

And the best part? You'll get lifetime access to the course. No hidden expiration date, unlike your milk carton.


Years' Experience


Happy Clients


Successful Students


Cups of Tea


Miles to Go


Quite frankly, you can't.

But here's what I can tell you:

Pretty much any industry-wide conference - the type I speak at - is going to set you back $900-$1,200, and that's just to attend (even in the time of COVID-19).

If you were to travel (we can dream!), lodging, meals, and all the socializing would easily set you back $2.5K-$3K over 2-3 days.

If you wanted to work directly with me, i.e. for 1-1 direct coaching and training, you'd be investing thousands (well-spent, but a lottt more!).

The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course - a one-time investment for lifetime access - is valued at $1,497.

And when you add the five - FIVE - juicy bonuses (details below), the program value is $2,882.

But you can snag it for the gravity-defying price of $497 (payment plan available).

WHAT are you waiting for?! GO, GO, GO!

The minute your registration is confirmed, you'll get 24/7 access to the Master Course site and multiple bonuses, so you can start on your journey of transformation immediately.

Get your All-Access Pass to The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course for a one-time investment of $497.


Real People, Real Stories:

“Shonali's real-world approach really works; I've seen huge improvement in my own work product!”

Caitie Butler
Caitie Butler Communications Director, Oregon Legislature

“Shonali's instruction is second to none; she has an uncanny ability to identify your specific learning needs and solve them.”

Dominic Martella
Dominic Martella University College Dublin

"The world of PR can be a daunting place. With Shonali by your side, you'll never be led astray."

Amy Geduldig
Amy Geduldig New York Public Library

"Shonali was such an excellent teacher that when we were looking for a consultant for the Blue Key Campaign, I recommended her for the job."

Caitlin van Orden
Caitlin van Orden The League of Women Voters

And Industry Leaders Believe in Me


Because bonuses make everything better.

Bonus #1: The Twitter Chat Template Vault (Valued at $97)

Successful digital events are a critical part of Social PR, and Twitter chats continue to be one of the hottest properties around. This bonus gives you the only templates you'll ever need to launch and run your own successful Twitter chat.

Use the exact template I've developed to launch and run #measurePR since its inception in 2010. You'll get a customizable checklist from pre-to post-launch, sample run-of-show, guest brief template, a swipe file of promotional tweets to publicize your chat, as well as a reporting framework by which you can gauge the success of your chats over time.

Bonus #2: The IFTTT Treasure Chest (Valued at $197)

One of the secrets to Social PR success is smart listening: staying in tune with the conversations and influencers relevant to your topic and field. It's impossible to do this in real time all the time and still maintain any semblance of sanity; the social space is just too crowded.

Enter IFTTT and its "applets" which, when set up well, can automate part of this process by doing your listening for you: a huge time saving. And my custom-curated and designed IFTTT Treasure Chest gives you 120+ hand-picked IFTTT applets - including some from my own secret stash - to bring you back from the edge of reason and make smart Social PR a breeze.

Bonus #3: The Electric Eleven Email Swipe File (Valued at $297)

Words are everything to Social PR Virtuosos: they are what we use, day in and day out, moment by moment, to practice our craft. Yet these very words can often be elusive, even daunting, if you're unable to make them capture the essence of exactly what you mean.

This swipe file comes straight out of my "Sent" folder over the years, and consists of 11 word-for-word, high-converting scripts for the Social PR Pro's most-frequently written emails. I've used these exact scripts to successfully pitch the media, bloggers, and influencers; and now you can too.

Bonus #4: The Ultimate Campaign Management Template (Valued at $297)

It’s a cliche because it’s true: time literally is money. And Social PR Virtuosos know how important it is to spend time doing what matters, instead of going crazy trying to organize it all.

My Ultimate Campaign Management Template will fast become your fave team and time management tool, because of how it’ll save you OODLES of time and stress, and significantly increase your productivity and efficiency.

Bonus #5: Private, Invitation-Only Community-Supported Group (Valued at $497)

For busy Social PR Virtuosos, a network of support is a must; particularly because so many of us work remotely. This is why I created a private community-supported group for Social PR Virtuosos; so you can get to know and support each other through the Master Course and beyond.

Many wonderful things have started to come out of this community-supported group; I've seen Virtuosos troubleshooting with each other, sharing media and client opportunities, and developing potential partnerships.

It's exactly the kind of vibrant, invitation-only community that nurtures career and business growth. And it's yours once you become a Social PR Virtuoso®.

Here's what this boils down to:

  • Total Value of The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course: $1,497
  • Total Value of All Bonuses: $1,385



Get your All-Access Pass to The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course for a one-time investment of $497.



100% guaranteeI know that investing in yourself is scary. But I also know it's the only way to turn your dreams into reality.

I want to remove your fears and doubts, so that you can truly start to unfurl your Social PR Virtuoso wings. And I know that will take a little time.

So that's why I'm offering you a 30-day money back guarantee. As long as you show me you did the work, and let me know within 30 calendar days from the date you purchase, I'll give you a 100% refund.


Other Programs ...

Frequently limit your access to the content after an initial period, e.g. you get access for up to a year, and then you have to pay again just to keep access to the same stuff. Gah.

The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course ...

Gives you lifetime access to the course content, no ifs, ands, or buts. This means you're not stressed about finishing the course within a set timeframe; you can take it whenever you want, from wherever you want, and as often as you want.

Other Programs ...

Claim they're step-by-step, but they're really not (unless you have legs like the Jolly Green Giant). They're more like "ledge-by-ledge," and having to jump from one assumption to another gets tiring.

The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course ...

Is broken down into bite-sized lessons, which you can take either in sequential order, or any order. The whole point is for you to be able to get what you need from any particular lesson or module. So you do ultimately get through the Master Course one step at a time ... at your pace.

Other Programs ...

Are really boring. And I'm sorry, but if you put Charlie Brown's teacher in the room, I don't care how smart she is, she's going to put you to sleep. And you won't learn anything.

The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course ...

Is really easy on the eyes and ears! I don't have the patience to sit through boring content, and I'm not going to inflict it on my students. I want you to pay attention, so that you can put those smarts to work at work, and be their biggest Social PR Star!


Dawn Buzynski

The Master Course is pretty much required training for the Strategic America public relations team. Being a small team in an integrated agency, I struggled with getting buy-in among our internal colleagues regarding the impact of social media for our clients. What we have found incredibly useful is the simplicity in which we can show how to measure the impact of social media. Shonali's program, in my opinion, does the best job in providing solid training ground for any PR professional, young or old.

Dawn Buzynski, Strategic America
Elise Perkins

As a small business owner and new mom, one of my pain points is finding the time to create good content for my readers and potential clients. Lessons in the Master Course like the 9 Techniques for Sound Bites That Sizzle, and Streamlining and Calendaring Social PR Content, have really focused me and better optimized the precious time I have. As a Master Course student, my work is not just better, it comes far more easily now.

Elise Perkins, ep communications
Kelly Kostanesky

There are so many wonderful lessons and worksheets in the Master Course, but one of my favorites is the Three Measurement Buckets, and how you measure outputs, outtakes, and outcomes; it's made me more conscientious about the value that I am providing to my audience. And Shonali is an amazing teacher! She is so patient and always available to answer any question you have.

Kelly Kostanesky, Public Relations Specialist

Get your All-Access Pass to The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course for a one-time investment of $497.



  • Is there any live interaction?

There's plenty of live interaction with your fellow Virtuosos in the private, invitation-only community-supported group - you'll see! And the networking potential is worth its weight in gold.

  • I'm not sure if this is the right time ...?

You have lifetime access to the course and all updates (and I update the course regularly). Success is not a race, and the program is here for you when you need it. And when you DO need it, you don't have to wait to start the program.

  • Will the Master Course guarantee me a job or promotion?

That's like asking if your trainer can guarantee you'll lose weight at the gym. It all depends on how much work you put into it. What I can tell you is that those who do the work see tremendous results.

  • I've bought SO many courses and they're just gathering digital dust ...!

I know what you mean! The thing is, there are any number of courses to choose from, but the one you'll actually use is where you jive with the instructor's style. I'm not here to baby you or do the work for you; but I'll work really hard with you to get you where you need to be ... and you'll see that the other Virtuosos will as well.

Are you Ready to Be Transformed Into a Social PR Virtuoso®?


  • The entire Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course: 4 modules and 35 lessons via 10.5 hours of video training, 25+ worksheets, and downloadable slides: $1,497 value
  • Bonus #1: The Twitter Chat Template Vault: $97 value
  • Bonus #2: The IFTTT Treasure Chest: $197 value
  • Bonus #3: The Electric Eleven Email Swipe File: $297 value
  • Bonus #4: The Ultimate Campaign Management Template: $297 value
  • Bonus #5: Private, invitation-only community-supported group: $497 value



Virtuosos Don't Sit on the Fence

You could...

  • Continue to pop the Pepto every time you're asked "why the video didn't go viral"
  • Wear your socks inside out wishing for some Social PR mojo to travel up your tootsies
  • Be the tortoise to everyone else's hare

Or you could...

  • Reach new career heights and soar over your peers with your newfound Social PR Virtuosity
  • Exude such an aura of success that you get more YouTube views than David Beckham's butt
  • Soar through your work armed with newfound Social PR smarts that don't cost you your first-born at auction


Click the button below to get your All-Access Pass to the Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course for a one-time fee of $497


P.S. It's your career, and your life. Don't want in? That's your decision. But when it comes to your future, remember: you snooze? You lose. It's all up to you.